Our network

We are the national representative body for the ACRE Network, England’s largest rural grouping of community support charities.

ACRE Network Logo

The ACRE Network exists to provide a voice for rural communities, and to help them achieve great things locally.

The network has been making a difference to rural communities since the 1920s.

A century on, there are 38 county-based member organisations, plus ACRE nationally, working in concert to address rural issues and supporting a wide range of community-led initiatives that encourage a culture of volunteering and mutual aid, reduce social isolation and loneliness, increase the supply of affordable housing, boost the local economy, and reduce impact on the environment.


Together, we are a network that:

  • reaches over 35,000 community groups and organisations annually,
  • levers in over £34 million each year in support of rural communities,
  • employs over 1,000 staff with expert knowledge of the issues facing rural communities,
  • supports over 10,000 village halls,
  • shares a commitment to making sure no one is disadvantaged because of where they live.

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