Village Hall Publications

Use the Village Hall Publications ACRE Publication Order Form or contact your local village hall adviser to access essential reading:

Good Management Toolkit - this publication covers four sections: the basics of managing your hall, improving your service, making your future secure and the language of funders and policy makers. There are lots of tips and suggestions for accessing further information.

Maintaining your hall - this publication is essential reading. Your village hall is a valuable asset and this publication will help you to put a programme of maintenance in place. Our thanks to Zurich Insurance plc for supporting us in the production of this publication.

Every hall needs a Hiring Agreement. ACRE’s model provides a comprehensive agreement and all the information you need to consider when hiring out your hall.

42 Village Hall Information Sheets providing information and advice on a range of topics.

Model documents to help you with your constitutional structures. Perhaps you are considering becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation?