Minister backs call to stock up on LP Gas early this winter
by Claire McGine, Head of Communications

Rural householders should stock up early on LPG fuel to ensure the consistency of their winter heating supply, advises UKLPG, the trade association of the Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas industry.

While the sector prepares for its busiest season, the Citizens Advice Bureau, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England), the Met Office and the UK and Scottish governments are joining UKLPG to urge homeowners to secure their stocks as soon as possible, while suppliers have spare delivery capacity and weather conditions are favourable.

As winter arrives, demand for LP Gas increases at a time when the onset of bad weather can materialise quickly and disrupt deliveries. Going into winter with a full tank of LP Gas ensures that householders and business can access the fuel and heat they need, regardless of any external weather conditions and potential issues within the supply chain.

Many LP Gas providers will automatically top up their customers’ tanks to ensure their gas supply is sufficient going into winter.

Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG CEO, comments: “Although LP Gas supplies are plentiful, the UK is consistently experiencing more unpredictable winters that can make the logistics of delivering gas to rural areas incredibly difficult. It is therefore imperative that everyone who uses LP Gas to heat their homes or businesses, orders it now so that they are prepared.

“They should also ensure that all appliances have been checked and serviced by a Gas Safe registered installer within the past 12 months and that they have done as much as they can to insulate against cold weather.”

Energy Minister, Matt Hancock, welcomed UKLPG’s message to plan ahead for winter. He added: “The nights are drawing in, and winter is just around the corner, so we are encouraging people who need it to stock up on LPG sooner, not later. The longer you wait to order LPG means greater risk of increased delivery time, as bad weather will increase demand. This is particularly true in remote and rural parts of the country.

“Please also check that you’re receiving all the help and support you’re entitled to with your local Citizens Advice Bureau.”

LP Gas offers rural customers who are off the mains gas grid the ability to heat their homes using gas in the same way as they would with a mains gas supply. It burns clean, with virtually no soot or sulphur emissions. There are over a million homes in rural areas that are off the mains gas in the UK and therefore depend on deliveries of fuel to keep their properties heated.

For more information, see UKLPG’s Get Ready for Winter advice and ACRE’s Community Guides to Affordable Warmth and Energy Efficiency.