Support Staffordshire Joins Important National Rural Network
by Richard Quallington, Executive Director

ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) is pleased to announce that Support Staffordshire is to join us and become a member of the ACRE Network of rural support organisations; ensuring Staffordshire remains a key partner in the national conversation about rural life. more information here

Richard Quallington, Executive Director of ACRE said “Whilst I am sad to see the closure of CCS, I am delighted that Support Staffordshire is picking up the baton and joining ACRE within the ACRE Network. This will mean that rural communities across Staffordshire will still be able to benefit from support and advice from a local organisation which knows and understands their needs and the challenges and opportunities they face”

The ACRE Network is made up of 38 county based partners across England and together is recognised as a key strategic partner to Government through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Together the network provides vital grass roots support and feedbacks intelligence to government on a wide range of key rural issues including digital access, transport, village facilities and amenities, energy, housing, healthcare and life chances relating to both children and adults.

As a part of the ACRE Network Support Staffordshire, already a strategic partner to the county council and several district councils, will now be resourced to reach out across the county’s villages and small towns. Support Staffordshire’s Chief Executive Garry Jones said ‘we are really pleased to be joining ACRE, ensuring Staffordshire’s voice is heard on the national stage. The funding means that we will be able to do even more good work in local communities and to really focus on some of those issues most important to our rural villages.’

Support Staffordshire is a local organisation focused on working within the county, supporting volunteering and enabling community groups and charities to achieve their aims. It takes on this enhanced rural role from the Community Council of Staffordshire (CCS) which is closing at the end of August after a long and successful history.

For more information about Support Staffordshire and its services please contact Garry Jones, Chief Executive, 01785 413160