Scottish Rural Parliament hosts European Rural Parliament workshop
by Deborah Clarke, Village Halls/ Rural Evidence Manager

ACRE is pleased to be working with PLANED, Rural Community Network NI, Scottish Rural Action and Irish Rural Link supported by ILDN as part of the latest European Rural Parliament project known as ROAD (Rural Opinion Advocacy and Development). This UK and Ireland project will focus on how rural links with European Countries can be maintained post March 2018. A workshop will be held next week at the Scottish Rural Parliament in Stranraer followed by a series of debates and workshops including a survey across the UK and Ireland.

A wide range of events to engage rural communities will be led by Countries across Europe leading up to the 4th European Rural Parliament to be held in Spain in November 2019. For instance, the Latvian Rural Forum is leading a youth project following a successful European Rural Youth Parliament in 2017.

The idea of National Rural Parliaments started in Sweden in the 1990s and the European Rural Parliament was launched in 2013. The national rural parliament campaign or movement is growing with Rural parliaments have taken place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Slovenia.

The European Rural Parliament is jointly co-ordinated by three European rural networks, the Europe Rural Community Alliance (ERCA), Prepare Partnership for Rural Europe and European LEADER Association for Rural Development. ACRE is a full member of ERCA.

For more information about the work of the European Rural Parliament or to find out how you can input to any of the projects contact Deborah Clarke at ACRE.

Scottish Rural Parliament hosts European Rural Parliament workshop