Defra has asked ACRE to develop a £3m fund for village halls.
by Felicity Humphrey,

The Autumn Budget announced that the Government would provide up to £8 million to help with the cost of repairs and alterations to village halls, Miners’ Welfare facilities and Armed Forces organisations’ facilities. Of the £8m, £3m has been allocated to ACRE for distribution to village halls.

The funding aims to prioritise older buildings; helping with updating or adaptions to keep them fit for use so they may continue to provide a diverse range of activities for people in the community.

ACRE had been hoping for a pilot refund scheme on VAT for village hall improvements, but this new fund is a great opportunity for several hall committees to apply for costs towards the refurbishment and alteration of their buildings. Funds won’t be available for new build halls.

£3m has been allocated to ACRE for distribution to village halls.

This award of £3 million is a powerful example of what partnership working can achieve and follows on from longstanding lobbying of MPs by the ACRE Network, and of the collation of evidence and key arguments over a long period.

“ We need more for village halls, and we need to continue pushing, but this is clear that a well evidenced and strongly argued case by an effective Network can achieve positive change, and it will make our case more powerful in future” stated David Emerson CBE, ACRE Chairman

The criteria and eligibility, processes and procedures are currently being developed by ACRE and further information will be available in April 2019 from your local ACRE Network member.

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