Information to help village halls reopen updated again
by Phillip Vincent,

Information to help village halls reopen updated again

National charity, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) has published updated information to help village halls reopen in light of new government guidance.

Since 4 July, England’s 10,000+ village halls have been allowed to reopen. But government rules on social distancing, as well as the activities that are permitted to take place in these community buildings are complicated and frequently changing.

Many village halls are run by local volunteers, most of whom are not familiar with interpreting complex legal guidance. Thankfully, help has been on hand from a network of county-based village halls advisers who have been able to explain the new rules using information sheets prepared by ACRE.

The charity first published information to help village halls reopen in June and was met with an overwhelmingly appreciative response.

ACRE is continually reviewing the Information Sheet to make sure it is compliant with changing government rules on social distancing.

UPDATE - On 18.09.20 ACRE’s Information Sheet was updated once again to reflect the most recent government rules on social distancing. It confirmed that groups of more than 6 people can meet in village halls provided appropriate social distancing measures are taken. Amendments were also made to the appendices, particularly Appendix D.

UPDATE - 24.09.20 we have added information explaining requirements for hirers to comply with NHS Track and Trace using the new QR code (Appendix M)

Download the guidance

The following information can be freely used by village halls committees.

Information Sheet - Re-opening Village and Community Halls post COVID-19 closure Updated 18.09.20

Sample COVID-19 Risk Assessment for re-opening Village and Community Halls Updated 18.09.20

Sample Risk Assessment for Hirers Updated 18.09.20

Track and Trace requirements for hirers (Appendix M) Updated 24.09.20

For advice and support, as well as Word versions of these resources, please contact your ACRE Network member