Rural Coalition

The Rural Coalition is thirteen national organisations who subscribe to a vision for a living and working countryside in England. Given many shared values, we seek to be more influential by joining in common cause. Below we set out our key principles, policies and actions which we would urge the Government to apply to rural communities.

Our policy principles

The Rural Coalition believes that the following four principles should underpin policy making:

  • Brexit discussions must recognise ‘rural’ is more than agriculture and the natural environment.
  • All Brexit negotiations and post-Brexit policies must be rural proofed.
  • Policies and funding must deliver a fair deal for rural communities.
  • Decision-making, funding and delivery must be devolved and involve rural communities.

The Rural Coalition believes that the evidence points to four policy priorities

  • A meaningful increase in the delivery of affordable housing in villages and small towns.
  • Proper recognition of rural service delivery challenges and services designed to meet rural needs.
  • Long-term support for social action, to help communities become more resilient.
  • Business support and infrastructure which reaches rural areas, so the rural economy can grow and create quality jobs.

More detail can be found in the Rural Coalition Statement, press release and election briefing, downloadable on the right of this page.

ACRE provides the secretariat for the Rural Coalition. For more information please contact Paul Dixon, Rural Evidence Manager on 01285 653477.