Understanding Rural Statistics

A huge amount of data on rural communities is available to the public. However, the time and effort required to gather and interpret these statistics can be daunting. ACRE has reacted to the needs of rural communities by producing a support package of reports and profiles – all available through the ACRE Network.

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We realise that understanding rural deprivation is key to the fair allocation of local authority funding and have produced a unique set of reports that uses the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) to ‘unpick’ the data to reveal the hidden nature of deprived rural areas.

ACRE has worked with Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) to develop this innovative approach, resulting in a set of deprivation reports for all rural areas across England. These are supported by reports on the rural economy and access to services.

To support communities in activities such as community led planning, ACRE and OCSI have also produced a set of succinct reports which profile the settlements and parishes of rural England. They provide a running commentary that leads the reader through the data, explaining the meaning behind the figures.

The suite of reports:

  • strengthens the evidence base and understanding on rural deprivation across England
  • provides robust data to help local authorities target programmes to the areas in most need
  • enables partners to represent rural issues in programme development, planning and prioritisation of funding
  • is supported by detailed datasets which provide regularly updated profiles of small geographical areas
  • provide support for funding applications by rural communities
  • help local communities with evidence to support the development of Community, Neighbourhood and Parish Plans

Sample reports are available on the publications section of this page.

If you are an organisation interested in accessing the reports at a regional or national level, please contact Paul Dixon, Rural Evidence Manager.