Rural Insight

With reach into more than 35,000 grassroots groups through members of the ACRE Network, we are uniquely placed to offer insight into the experiences, needs and success stories of rural communities across England.

Broadband promotion

Our Network’s direct contact with rural communities, local authorities and other strategic partners allows us to tap into their on-the-ground intelligence. We use this insight to develop local solutions to a wide range of issues and to influence national policy on rural issues.

ACRE uses its research to assist the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and other partner organisations in understanding the real issues affecting rural people. We advise what the likely outcomes of policy changes might be, how people are responding and what solutions are working for them.

In particular, we work with partners to ‘rural proof’ policies and initiatives, making sure they ensure fairer and more equitable outcomes for people living in the countryside.