National Village and Community Halls Network

The voice of Village Halls - The Village Halls Network

The Village and Community Halls Network provides an opportunity for members to air their views and consolidate them in the development of policies in support of village halls and similar rural community buildings.

Members consist of volunteers managing these buildings, County-based village hall associations, representatives of organisations with an interest in village halls such as NALC, and others who appreciate the role of village hall and community halls in the provision of facilities for the delivery of services across rural England.

Village and Community Halls Network Members:

  • Contribute to discussions on issues affecting village and community halls by email and through telephone and video conferencing.
  • Bring issues to the attention of their MPs and local policy makers, such as local authorities.
  • Act as local contacts for the Press to explain issues and provide case studies to demonstrate issues.
  • Occasionally attend meetings with Government Ministers and Departments.
  • Proactively engage with ACRE and other members of the Village and Community Halls network by providing information that can support policy development.
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Reasons why you should join:

  • To share good practice with other like-minded members.
  • To gain an early insight and knowledge on how new/changing legislation might impact on halls generally.
  • To protect village and community halls by contributing to the development of appropriate legislation and regulation.
  • An opportunity to meet with like-minded people whether face-to-face or electronically.

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