Community Planning

Community planning is one of the most important tasks any rural community can undertake. Long before the term ‘localism’ was adopted by government, rural communities were already taking control and deciding on what was best for them. ACRE and its Network has promoted self-determination, via community plans, for rural communities since their inception.

Community Planning

Community-led planning has always been at the heart of rural communities; whether it’s a Parish Plan, Community or Village Design Statement or a Neighbourhood Plan. The ACRE Network has continued to adapt and provide support and resources to communities to ensure they can produce high-quality plans that meet the needs of all members of the community.

Embarking on making a plan is the start of a journey that should bring a community closer together; realise the resources and skills available of members of that community and; take control of the community’s future needs in terms of services, housing, health etc. However, communities looking into producing a local plan will need to determine what type of plan works for them – it can be confusing.

The ACRE Network has pioneered the approach of community-led planning with an innovative toolkit and, more importantly, direct engagement with communities. ACRE Network members employ development workers who live and work amongst rural communities and have always been best placed to help and support the development of a community plan in any form.

For more information on what type of plan would best suit your community, contact your local ACRE Network member