Employment & Economy

With the UK economy slowly emerging from the recession, support for business, both private and social enterprise, is crucial to help and grow a sustainable economy.


ACRE and its members are committed to providing help and expertise to rural businesses, both private and social enterprises, to stimulate the economy and help communities provide services they may otherwise lose.

With the rural economy employing more than 2m people in small and medium-sized enterprises alone, there is a clear need for the correct amount of investment to sustain what already exists and invest in new business start-ups.

Rural business plays a wider role in a community in terms of providing local employment and/or services to the community, such as shops and post offices. A loss of even a small business in a community can have very adverse effects on those that might rely on the services or were employed.

Planning for investment in the rural economy will be largely dependent upon the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and their economic strategies. ACRE members have done their best to be involved with the development of policies and strategic investment to try and ensure that ‘rural’ receives its fair share of funding and resources.

On the national stage, ACRE is working to ensure that economic policies from central government are fully ‘rural-proofed’ and give a fair deal for rural business and their communities.

Find out more about our work with central government by visiting our Rural Insight page.