The use of our natural environment for work, leisure, sport and recreation is directly related to the prosperity of rural areas and has a direct relationship with our overall health and wellbeing.

Flooded road

The extreme weather that caused flooding in the south of England in early 2014 caused widespread damage both to farming communities and national infrastructure. Changes in the quantity and quality of water pose one of the most significant threats to many ecosystems, but management of catchments can help to maintain water levels at an acceptable level.

Biodiversity is of huge importance to us all and we depend on the natural environment as a source of many goods, such as food, fuel, building materials etc. Protecting our species and their habitats can often improve our standard of living. We need to adopt methods of working with our environment to better understand, protect and enhance our ecosystems now and for future generations.

ACRE Network members work with rural communities to identify local solutions and generate new approaches to managing our environment. The Network embeds carbon reduction measures within its support for community action and encourages local community groups to reduce the use of resources such as energy, fuel and water and plan for a sustainable future.