Rural Housing

To ensure rural communities thrive they need a varied supply of housing. ACRE supports appropriate development in rural areas, especially the provision of affordable housing.


Drawing on our unique expertise we advise government on how to shape policy that delivers rural affordable housing

Complementing this, our members provide direct hands-on support to communities, helping them identify their hosing needs ad take action to meet it by working with councils, housing associations or building and owning their own Community Led Housing schemes.

The Issue

Earnings in rural areas are lower than those in urban areas. But house prices are higher.

Rural households on a low local income would need 9 times their income to buy the cheapest homes in the local housing market.

Add in the fact that only 8% of village housing is social housing and the real picture of housing need starts to emerge.

The Impact

The number of working age residents in rural areas is declining.

Young people move away for education and stay away for employment and housing. Local businesses lose custom; and can’t retain a workforce.