Oil-Buying Groups

With over 1.5m households unable to access mains gas, a major contributor to fuel poverty is the significant increases in the cost of heating oil. 41% of these households use oil, LPG or solid fuel to heat their homes. Any increase in the cost of these fuels is going to have an impact on those in fuel poverty will tip some into fuel poverty.

As part of our commitment to tackle fuel poverty, 25 ACRE Network members run oil-buying groups. The number of members in each group varies from 35 up to 2,614. The total amount of oil purchased last year was in excess of 13m litres, which represents a total estimated saving of almost £650,000 for members.

Some of these schemes are providing extra help with a range of offers, such as free membership to over 70s, sourcing LPG or wood, and access to local Credit Unions to enable members to save and pay for their oil on a monthly basis.

Best Practice for Oil Buying Groups has been launched as part of the Buy Fuel Early campaign. The publication produced by ACRE, Citizen’s Advice and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers provides practical information to help communities set up oil buying groups.

Visit our Network map to find out if your local ACRE member runs an oil-buying group.