Work with us

ACRE has a vibrant history of collaborating on research, guidance, training and publications, and working with partners on funding bids.

Bus travelling in rural landscape


Our key asset is the ability to survey our Network on all issues relating to rural communities.

This information is used by our policy and research team to produce a wide range of reports and analyses for Government departments and ACRE Network members.

Bid partnering

ACRE has led a number of successful bids and in 2014 secured the contract as lead partner in the Village SOS Learning, Outreach & Engagement campaign for the Big Lottery Fund.

We focus on securing funding for rural initiatives and would consider working with any organisations that are like-minded.


ACRE produces a range of publications, including Community Guides, which offer advice and guidance to communities and support organisations on specific themes. We are looking for organisations with specific expertise in areas such as transport, housing and broadband to work with us to produce these high-quality guides for rural communities.


ACRE has been involved with campaigns to benefit rural communities such as ‘Over the Hill’ and the Calor FREE project. We would like to hear from any like-minded organisations who would like to campaign on issues that affect rural people.


ACRE has products and services, such as apps, training and conferences, which are supported by sponsorship from private sector organisations. Sponsorship has the potential to reach more than 52,000 grassroots organisations in 11,000 rural communities, through the ACRE Network.

If you would like to discuss any form of collaboration or sponsorship, please contact Paul Dixon, Rural Evidence Manager.