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Rural Coalition

Rural Coalition response to the Levelling Up White Paper

The Rural Coalition comprises twelve national organisations who subscribe to a vision for a living and working countryside in England.

The Rural Coalition believes that no-one should be unfairly disadvantaged simply because of geography and that every rural resident should have fair access to jobs, to housing and to basic services, whilst every rural business should have the opportunity to grow and prosper. This includes being able to share in the opportunities that arise from the transition to net zero.

The following policy principles, if widely applied, would guide the necessary step change that is required to bring about our vision and so lift rural England’s fortunes.

  • Demonstrate leadership by producing a comprehensive rural strategy

  • Ensure fair funding which takes proper account of rural costs

  • Invest in rural infrastructure that is fit for the future

  • Adapt and mitigate for climate change

  • Create the conditions for a prosperous rural economy

  • Design services so they meet rural needs

  • Deliver services as locally as possible

  • Support the key contribution of the voluntary and community sector

  • Deliver services as locally as possible

  • Devolve decision-making powers closer to communities