Rural Coalition: Letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

The Rural Coalition, wrote to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak on 26 October highlighting the role that rural communities can play in contributing to the country’s future success.

The Rural Coalition believes that there are some key actions which are fundamental to enabling real and positive growth and social change in rural England.

Broadly, these are as follows:

  • Making rural proofing a reality and embedding it across Government
  • Introducing a fairer funding regime addressing the disparities between urban and rural areas
  • Achieving an appropriate and meaningful increase in rural affordable housing, safeguarded for future generations
  • Unlocking the potential of rural economies and enabling rural businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive
  • Ensuring a ‘just’ transition to net zero and improving infrastructure so that rural residents and businesses are not unfairly penalised
  • Providing equality of access to services for rural people and improving local transport to make it more flexible and sensitive to local needs
  • Supporting social infrastructure to enable rural communities to make the best use of local resources and networks
  • Setting out a comprehensive strategy or vision for rural areas to unlock their potential to contribute to the future prosperity of the nation.